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We stock Happy Nappy’s and wraps of a variety of colours and sizes, once ordered they will be available for you to collect before your class.

baby wrap

Baby Wrap

Baby Wrap- made from soft pliable neoprene (the material used for Wetsuits) styled to wrap around and insulate the body. The BABYWRAP wraps a layer of comforting warmth around the baby using the body’s natural heat to warm the water absorbed by the neoprene. Secured with Velcro for a perfect fit every time. Available in sizes:

  • Small – 0-6 months
  • Medium – 6-18 months
  • Large – 18-30+ months

baby wrap

Happy Nappies

The Splash About HAPPY NAPPY is made from fine 0.5mm neoprene. It is edged with wide bands of fine woven nylon/Lycra ribbing at the legs and waist to “filter” liquid and keep as much as possible INSIDE the nappy.

Happy Nappy Sizes
Size Pounds Kilograms
Ex-Small 6-10 lbs 3-4 kgs
Small 6-14 lbs 3-6 kgs
Medium 14-25 lbs 6-11 kgs
Large 25-40 lbs 11-18 kgs
Ex-Large 40-50lbs 18-23 kgs

photos by Daniella Boutin for Waterbaby