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Welcome to ABC Baby Classes web site, providing you with all the essential information about us, our classes and teaching methods which allow you the perfect opportunity to bond with your baby. As a family-run business providing a friendly and responsive service is very important to us. So if there’s anything we haven’t covered on the site, or you have any queries, do please give us a ring and we’ll endeavour to answer your questions personally.

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I actually wanted to write and thank you. Tom has joined a swimming club here and on the first day I was worried that he would be difficult to get in the water since, for the first time, he was going to have to go in without me. He jumped straight in! We haven't looked back. He got his Duckling 1 award and has now moved up to the next group. Now he gets no woggle or arm band floats and has to make do with just the little "surfboard" float. He is even trying without that and can get a metre or two by himself. I really put this down to the excellent foundation he obtained in your class since, although we started him when he was a baby, there was a gap in his lessons before joining your class and he seemed to have forgotten everything about water confidence by the time he joined your class. Your patient and fun instruction taught him to enjoy himself again - so a big thanks.

- Paul Spark -

I have been so glad that i took my daughter Sophie for swimming ' lessons ' with Emma. We started at 3 months and unlike other babies she seemed to be quite unsure - at the beginning it was more for my own wellbeing having something different to do with her than for Sophie's sake!! We have now been doing them for 7 months and she is so confident in the water and definetely gets excited as soon as she sees the bright blue of a swimming pool!! If i had just taken Sophie myself to the swimming pool, i do not think it would have been half as successful, as much of Emmas teaching is based on what will build their confidence and enjoyment. I have certainly recommended the lessons to every baby friend i have! It is so lovely when i take her to a public swimming session and people all look and comment in amazement at how such a little baby is enjoying the water, floating on her back and splashing with no concerns of getting water in her

- Jo and Sophie Lewis -

I didn't learn to swim until I was around 8 years of age and I don't think being taught by a parent gave me the confidence or correct guidance. As a result I am not a particular strong or confident swimmer ! When we had our son, we wanted him to enjoy being in the water and swim with confidence so we were delighted to find Joanne's class. Nathan has been attending since he was about 4 months old and loves being in the water. The progression and his confidence is really obvious and the different things he does in classes make complete sense in terms of building on what he has already learned; we would never have come up with this ourselves and Nathan wouldn't have benefitted in the way he has. My husband and I both try to attend; we really enjoy the time together as a family and meeting other parents and children. The only downside is the time goes too quickly!

- Carol Frost -

We started William at swimming as Jo's class was recommended to us by friends (who had also had a good experience) and we were keen for him to start at an early age (5 months). He is now nearly 2 and we have watched him develop and become very confident and happy in the water which was all we could have wished for. I think Jo's style of teaching, being very calm and positive at all times has really been the key to his enjoyment and development. She also doesn't make us as parents feel under any pressure and helps us totally take part. I think this class is an excellent way to start your child in the water.

- William Barham -